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Looking for Hackney Wedding Bands for hire. That’s us. 

Funk City Party Band are one of Hackney and London’s top wedding bands for hire

Listen to them here

Finding a quality wedding band in Hackney these days is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack! There are so many different bands to choose from who play so many different styles, it get’s very confusing. But don’t worry! Help is at hand. 

Funk City Party Band play tons of weddings in hackney every year and they play every style of music from Funk and Soul to Rock and Pop and they’ll even throw in some Jazz and Swing too!

If you want to see some of the tunes they play check out their set list here or watch a demo here

Booking a wedding band can be expensive, especially when you think of every other cost included in a wedding. That’s why Funk City Party Band tailor their prices to meet your budget and becuase we’re all London based musicians you don’t have to pay any travel or accomodation costs! How’s that for a good deal…?!

To find out if we’re free for you wedding prees that enquire button below. you’ve come this far…Go on..you know you want too. 

Hackney’s best wedding music band is Funk City!

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