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Funk City is South West London’s choice wedding band. 

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You’ve booked your venue, found a caterer, invited everyone you want (and don’t want!) and there’s one major thing left to book…….your band and entertainment!

Choosing a band for your wedding as well as (or instead of) a DJ is a fantastic choice. The diference between a live band playing your first dance and a DJ is massive.

This excellent wedding band have performed in venues in South West Lonndon, including venues in Wansworth, Tooting, Wimbledon and Balham. Some of them live in Croydon so are very local.

Funk City Party band are well aqainted to South West London venues and becuase all the band live in London you have the added bonus of not having to pay for our travel or accomodation. 

We are also (unlike a lot of South West London wedding bands) really affordable and fit to your budget.

The band comes as a duo, trio or four (and up to 7) piece band and, as well as your first dance will learn any extra songs you want for free. 

View their set list here

To enquire about booking this awesome band click the Enquiry button below. You’ve come this far. Let’s do it right. With over 400+ weddings played…You’re in safe hands. 

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