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Do you provide a PA system and lighting?

Yes, and it’s part of the price. Everything is included. Full PA, and lighting rig. We use the same PA system for the live band and the DJ. It looks and sounds incredible. Let’s dance…

Can I see you live?

YES – we would like that…however…playing for Funk city is a full time job and sadly we don’t get to do as many public performances as we would like to. One reason we are so busy is that most of our bookings come from word of mouth and there just isn’t a lot of time to play at other public events. It’s sad for us too.

Most of our events are private functions – some relatively high profile- so it is difficult to invite guest to them. It is strictly against our policy to ‘sneak in’ guests as it is very inappropriate for us to do (we are sure you wouldn’t be too keen on strangers at your event either!)

We know this may sound crazy, but if a band is too busy to be putting on public showcases and do not need to do so, this is a very good sign! We promise!

However…there are some band and duo shows that you CAN come to watch. It’s not always the full band but it does give you an idea of the type of songs played and that it’s great, in tune and people dance etc. Let us know where you are based and we can send you a list of dates. There will be something near you you can see before your big day. email info@funkcitypartyband.co.uk

How long does it take to set up?

The band takes about 40 minutes to set up. We can come earlier in the day or in an appropriate gap. That way when you walk into the room for your wedding or event you’ll be happy to see that the band is set up and ready to go and it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

How long do you play for?

We normally play for 3 x 45mins sets or 2 x one hour sets but it’s really up to you. Also we like to DJ befroe, during and after too. Our band / DJ takes up aroud 4-5 hours which is fine for most events. If you want us to play for longer we’ve got the Funk to do it! There may be a small extra cost. We can also add an acoustic duo/trio for a reception too if needed. Stylish and jazzy for the afternoon.

Will you learn my first dance?

Yes, we’d love too and we won’t charge you any extra. We are always looking for new songs to learn and if you have any additional songs that we don’t know we’d love to learn them for you! It’s your special day we want it to be just that. We want that as well. If you have any random special songs let us know. Im sure we can surprise you.

What do you wear?

We are a professional band and (normally) we play at very smart events. Our standard attire is very smart, suit and tie, cocktail dress’s etc. We aim to match what the guests are wearing. And we look damn good too!

What happens if someone falls sick on the day or the band splits up etc?

We never cancel a show. Funk City are a ‘working band’ and a professional business so the band cannot really ‘split up’ in the way that conventional bands may. Although the members you see displayed on this site are the musicians that work for the band full time, we work closely with a good selection of the highest quality musicians’ right across the country. We have official, rehearsed, ‘deps’ or understudies who are ready to stand in at the last minute should an emergency occur, and we can guarantee that the standard of the band will not falter should this be the case. You will be in safe hands either way…our reputation depends on it.

Does the band need food / drinks?

YES if possible.  We don’t expect a three course meal, and we don’t drink on the job but please consider the journey time we have taken to get to you, and the fact that once we arrive at the venue it’s all systems go with set up, sound check and performances without a minute to spare. We work long days and late nights at venues where ‘fast food’ isn’t an option, so we do appreciate some sort of refreshment somewhere along the way. None of us are divas but we do have a very simple rider (along with a good amount of explanation within it) that we ask our clients to provide. A happy and well looked after band will always result in the best possible performance.

Do you recommend DJs?

Yes, we can recommend DJ’s although as we offer one FREE so you won’t need it. Boom.

You're based in London but my wedding is elsewhere, will you travel?

Yes we will we will go anywhere in the UK and even abroad!

In 2014 and 2015 we made it to Spain, France, Norway and NEW ZEALAND so where ever your party is, I’m sure we can make it. Enquire below.

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