Free DJ...?! read that correctly.

Yes you did just read that correctly.

Hire our awesome band and we will DJ for you before, during and after we play for….FREE!

Can’t choose between having a band or a DJ?

Well now you don’t have too! As well as performing brilliant, upbeat live music we can play your favourite tunes as well until your party finishes for no extra cost!

We’ve got a huge professional PA system, lights and speakers and everything a professional DJ would bring. (It looks and sounds incredible) You can make your own playlists or we’ve got lots ready… AND We can take any requests.

In the lead up to your wedding or party we would suggest making a list of your favourite songs or artists. That way the music at the event that is tailored to you and your friends and is the ‘sound track to YOUR life’. The songs you love to dance like crazy to. It’s a much more personal approach. Plus we can edit them together to get the best, most kick ass selection of songs to make an amazing and memorable event. All included in the free DJ (sweet)

However if you don’t have time or you’re just not interested… leave it to us. We will make them amazing and keep it classic and funky.

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Funk City is your Wedding Band and DJ.

Like what you hear?

Drop us a line, we’d love to chat about playing at your event!