The Essentials For Planning a Festival Themed Wedding People can now choose to marry almost anywhere they like, making alternative wedding locations more popular than ever. Festival weddings and bohemian style themes are a charming wedding trend, as weddings become more personal and tailor-made for the couple. The fashion for DIY and handmade weddings, along with celebrities such as Kate Moss leading the way with beautiful festival themed weddings, is inspiring many couples to throw their own wedfest party.

Wedding Tipi A festival wedding (or wedfest) can be whatever you want it to be, but think Glastonbury, bohemian, rustic, vintage, love and flowers… lots of flowers! Essentially it’s all about the party, enjoying your day with the people you love, some good music and some good food brought together with the little extras that make your wedding day truly memorable. You want your wedding to be unique, allowing you and your partner’s personality to shine through, and a festival wedding with some cute and quirky touches can be the perfect way to achieve this. So if you’re thinking of planning a wedding festival or want some festival themed wedding ideas, we’ve put together some of our favourite tips and suggestions to feed your inspiration.

The Venue Outdoors is where you want to be for a wedding festival, come rain or shine! If you have some land or a large garden this is ideal, but if not, search for local farms with land or barns for rent. If you want to make sure you’re close enough to a touch more luxury, many traditional wedding venues such as hotels and halls often have land you can use as part of their wedding packages.

Top Tip: Position tents and decorations around the natural landscape, pretty views and trees to organically make them part of your setup. Marquees and Tents Classic marquees can offer a great space that can be customised to flexibly suit your party size, theme and requirements, or why not go all-out and hire a big top tent for ultimate circus chic!

and of course you’ll need some bands. eother cover bands or original bands are great. Maybe even a DJ. The entertainment is the next most important hting after the styling. and ….wellies. lol