Advice on Choosing a first dance. 

How to choose a first dance.

It’s a funny conundrum the dreaded First Dance. Nobody really wants to do it but doing it is really good fun thing to do. Here are is our advice on how to choose a good first dance and take some of the worry away. N.B This is in our collective opinion from the 480+ wedding we have played at and around 300+ first dances we have actually performed live.

What song should we choose?

You don’t need to choose ‘Your’ special song. You just need a song that you can both comfortably moved to and that you quite like. The reason is the first dance isn’t that important (shock horror!) From all the weddings you’ve been to in the past – can you remember any of them? Probably not. The actual song is just not that important. It IS however a brilliant opportunity to get some lovely photos of just the couple looking great. For that alone you should consider it.

Should we choose a ballad or something upbeat?

This is course is up to you however…Just ask yourself… “Can I dance to this comfortably for 30-50 seconds” that’s the only criteria! When you feel right – you must invite the guests in. (nobody will move until you say so – so don’t forget to signal them) You can even get some of the Bridesmaids / Ushers ready to help. Then your dance floor will be full, and your band or DJ can carry on from there. As the entertainment, it’s easier to create a big party when the dance floor is already full as opposed to empty. So we think choosing a song that is more upbeat, as opposed to a slow ballad, is a good idea. Also, its more fun and less slushy.

Should we work out a dance routine?

This, again, is up to you if you feel comfortable. It is a very romantic idea…however over 14 years and playing at all the weddings in the world…. We’ve only seen it work properly once. ONCE! And that couple were both professional dancers. It just never seems to truly work. Mainly the guy just seems to forget the moves and look embarrassed and the girl has a look on her face of “we’ve been rehearsing this in the living room for 2 months and you are screwing up MY special day”. LOL. (ok that’s only half true…) A choreographed routine can work. Take some lessons and make sure that you if the band are playing it live you both have the same version at roughly the same speed. If you don’t want to do an actual dance…We’d suggest just choosing a song that you like, dance and sway a little bit invite all guests in and start the actual party from there. Simples.

Just remember the first dance song itself isn’t that important. You already have the perfect match in each other. The music is only a temporary addition to get some great photos and tick that wedding box and enjoy the process. You don’t need to be able to dance well. You will get all the encouragement you need from your family and friends and the day itself.

Should the band perform it live.

Our band Funk city will always perform live. We love, learning the song, doing it live and it’s a pleasure for to share something with you. If you want us to play it… LET’S ROCK. if you want it played on MP3 that’s cool too. Do whatever makes you happy and with that sentiment… Our final thoughts. It’s your wedding day. You should do whatever makes you happy. You’ve spent a long time and loads of money creating your vision. Enjoy it. It’s supposed to be fun. After the first dance you can get onto really having an amazing PARTY ! If you need any more info please contact Funk City Band below. 

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