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If you’re looking for an amazing wedding band for hire for your wedding, Christmas party or event look no further than Funk City.

The band came together through a mutual love of excellent party music and performing at weddings and events. Together they have played over 400 weddings and functions and are one of the most fun filled, varied and brilliant bands for hire in London and the UK.

Every member of the band is a professional musician who individually has over 10 years of live music experience and we’ve created one of the best Surrey and London Wedding Bands available.

However - we don’t just stop there. We regularly perform across the South East, South West and we are happy to cover the whole of the UK.

The band was founded and made famous by the awesome harmonies of Craig Mitchell and Simon Baum and they have serenaded stars such as Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Junior.

Funk City are a 100% live band and there are no backing tracks.
They have performed at venues all over the UK and for every type of event, and the live music they perform is suitable for any age group from 8 to 80.

This brilliant band is available to hire in a few different packages.

Funk City Duo

The line-up of this great duo is:

  • 2 guitars and 2 vocals. (or 1 Acoustic guitar/ vocals and 1 percussion)

2 Excellent singing guitarists who can play everything from chilled, acoustic background music (perfect for reception/ parties) to an upbeat funky dance set that will get everyone dancing! Or a mixture of both…

  • This package comes with a PA system.
  • 2 acoustic performers.
  • The duo normally plays 2 x 45 minute sets but can do more if requested. Please enquire for further details.
  • The duo band is perfect for Wedding receptions and ceremonies, Christmas parties, birthday parties and all other occasions. Please state ‘background or ‘Party duo’ when booking.
  • Public liability insurance of £5m.


Funk City 3 Piece Party Band

Our amazing 3 piece wedding and party band is made up of:

  • Lead Guitar
  • Two Vocals
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums

This 3 piece band is perfect for anybody who wants the feel and sound of a full band but has budget or space restrictions. Bass and drums in a band is what makes people dance. That’s the ‘Funky’ bit. When you add guitars and vocals you have everything you need for a great party, and a brilliant boogie.

  • Excellent 3 piece function band.
  • This package comes with full PA and lighting rig.
  • The trio normally plays 3 x 45 minute sets but can do more if requested. Please ask for details.
  • The trio band is perfect for all kinds of parties. It’s joyously upbeat and has a great mixture of songs and styles. It’s full of life and is great for dancing and having a fun time.
  • A fantastic wedding reception band, Christmas party band, and a great band to hire for birthday parties, Launch parties and all other events.
  • Includes a DJ before and after as part of the package.
  • Public liability insurance of £5m.

Funk City 4 Piece Party Band

This is the option for the full, 4 piece wedding and function band that will get every guest dancing all night long! The full party band line up is:

  • Lead Guitar
  • 2 Lead Vocals and 1 Backing Vocals
  • Bass Guitar
  • Drums
  • Keyboards or Female Vocals

Unlike many bands for hire, this outfit is very affordable and will tailor their set to suit your wedding or event.

  • This package comes with a full PA system and lighting rig.
  • The band normally plays 2 x 1 hour sets or (3 x 45mins set) but can come to order.
  • The band is available for wedding receptions, Christmas parties, birthday parties, corporate events, launch parties and all other events.
  • The 4 piece band is perfect for all kinds of parties. It’s joyously upbeat and has a great mixture of songs and styles. It’s full of life and is great for dancing and having an amazing time.
  • Includes DJ as part of the package.
  • Public liability insurance of £5m.
  • It totally rocks.



The Band includes:

Craig Mitchell - Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and all emails.

Choo Choo all aboard the love train! Craig ‘Lightening’ Mitchell (not a real name) is the lead singer and guitarist in the band. He played over 250 gigs last year alone and won’t leave the stage until everyone has been on the dance floor! He has been a professional musician for the last 14 years as well as teaching ‘rock’ and ‘the funk’ to anyone willing to listen. He also has a solo act ‘Juke Box Mash Up’ - an interactive / comedy / music show where you can request ANY song in the world and he will play it live there and then.

Sam – Bass, Vocals and Bass Guitar

Sam plays Bass Guitar and sings. Sam has been a professional musician for over 10 years, regularly performing at Weddings, Birthday Parties and other events. He has a degree in ‘Bringing it home’! He has Funk and is not afraid to show you the photos...

Benj – Drums

Benj has been with the band for almost 8 years now. He is a professional music teacher by day and semi rock / pop god by night. He sings all the high notes on the Whitney Houston medleys out of choice. If he could be her he would be. But sadly he can’t so he just ROCKS for Funk City.

Michael – Keys and arrangement

Mike gets all the cool piano solos in the band. A band favourite is ‘Great Balls of Fire’ where once he actually caught on fire. This was ‘cos he was too close to the fireplace when we were rocking. He did *almost* die (not really) but holy crap that was funny.

Dawn – Vocals

She’s got sweet sounds and some funky dance moves. Dawn is one of our wonderful female singers. She can belt out a song like no one. Great harmonies, and she can make a mean pie. She has a slinky score of 9.8. Her favourite snacks are Caramel Chews.

Sarah – Vocals

Sarah is the other of our regular ladies who joins us. She gets to play with a number of other fantastic bands so is very experienced and by day is a radio DJ for Global Radio and Reprezent. She can really wail.

Nikki - Saxophone

Nikki’s got a big horn. Tenor in fact. She was born at a very young age and has been growing ever since. Need a cool sax solo? Boom. She’s there. She saysWhy would I ever leave the house when there’s Netflix and ice cream waiting for me?’ She’s got a point. This is her last Funk City bio. Ever.

Rosanne - Trumpet

You know that guy Louis Armstrong? She sounds like him. Simples.


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Although the band are based in Surrey, London, they are available for hire all over the UK!






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